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Here is what people have said after coming on a school: 
"It was awesome... I was able to deal with some deep issues, some of which I had not even realised were holding me back from my relationship with the Father"
"I have been able to connect with the Father in a much more personal, intimate way recently and feel far less anxious as I learn to trust Him more and more, and realise just how much He loves me, right to the very core!"
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"What a fantastic week. Abundant fresh revelation, healing for Dori's painful groin, delicious lunches, engaging worship and a fantastic team. We are both working through stuff from the week still longing for more but knowing we have a Father who loves and enjoys us!"
"I truly know that I am a loved daughter of our heavenly Father and am now beginning to walk in a new reality of His presence. I had known that something was not quite 'right' for a while but would never have described it as an orphan heart. I am orphaned no more."